Hardcover Copy of Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon

Hardcover Copy of Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon

Want to feel more alive?

If yes, then we recommend you grab your copy of Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon today!

Even if you're on the fence about poetry, having grown to dislike it in school, Randall McNair will bring you over to his side of the fence, the one where the absurd lives. In this debut collection of poems, McNair paints a humorous and vivid picture of what it was like to be a burnout in a world full of over achievers. Although at times raw and explicit, McNair’s poetry allows us inside the mind of a very creative, but sad soul, one who’s stuck in a career he hates and who, through the words of a hopeless drunk, shows us how that feels. As Clive Matson wrote about the book, “Poem after poem lays out a precious gift – the gift of a person.”

If you’re ready to feel more alive, to laugh, to cry, to feel the simple joy of a man and his beer, give yourself the gift of this poet, Randall McNair and his book, Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon.


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