Poem a Day December #1

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Thanks to Meggie Royer, I feel compelled to share a poem a day in December.

Know that it is my belief that we humans give off a certain energy and that the role of the poet is to channel that energy into words which can then be fed to others like manna, fueling our spirits with the lifeblood of feeling. Therefore, I will lean on the wit and poetry of Billy Collins for inspiration to muse out some raw, uncooked poems as he and I share a similar wavelength of this so-called energy.

I will also try to share the source material for each poem, so you can see the spark that fueled my is today’s:

Without further ado, here’s poem #1:

Thanksgiving 1975

“I’ll never eat again,” she said

patting her belly and leaning back

in her rickety wooden chair.

And, while the meal was quite large—

turkey and cranberry, stuffing, potatoes,

string bean casserole and green jello,

buttered rolls with honey,

pumpkin pie and ambrosia salad—

I couldn’t help but doubt her veracity.

I mean, did she really expect us to believe

that starting right this second,

she would begin starving herself to death?

Please, this is the same woman

who swears she slept with Jack Kennedy

and that she was once abducted by aliens,

both of which make more sense than this

preposterous claim that she had sworn off

food for the remainder of her life.

So, when I yelled, “Bullshit, you fat cow!”

I expected more nods of support and affirmation

than what I got, which was a quick slap

across my cheek and a tugging of my ear

as my dad yanked me up from the dinner table

and hauled me over to the paddling station.

So please, reader, know that I have

learned my lesson and won’t speak

another word as long as I live.

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