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Fresh Meat Fridays #7

Here at FMF, you will find my latest, uncut creations fresh off the fire-hot grill of my mind. These are poems that were compiled earlier in the week but which have not yet been workshopped/refined. I hope they will give you some idea of what goes on in the mind of a poet (or at least this poet) who is attempting to create a piece of art from the ether of artistic creation.

aspiring writer

i aspire to many things,

aspiration being important

to respiration.

but never have i aspired to be

a famous writer, nor even

to write.

this is not because i would not like

the accoutrements of being famous—

who would not like being revered?

no, it’s more because one does not

need to aspire to something

they can just do, given even

a rudimentary education. does

a non-blind person aspire to see,

a non-paralyzed person aspire to walk?

so please, friend, remove “aspiring”

from before “writer” on your bio—

you either are or you aren’t.

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