Fresh Meat Fridays #4

Here at FMF, you will find my latest, uncut creations fresh off the fire-hot grill of my mind. These are poems that were compiled earlier in the week but which have not yet been workshopped/refined. I hope they will give you some idea of what goes on in the mind of a poet (or at least this poet) who is attempting to create a piece of art from the ether of artistic creation.

Channeling Bukowski

I like to channel Bukowski

through the wood panels

at the Swinging Door Saloon

in hopes of gleaning

some of his talent.

Only Hank wasn’t much of a fan

of poets like me, so if he shows at all

it’s not to help with my prose

but to point his horny soul at

Raven or Thuy or the new girl Mandy.

I don’t judge, Buk.

But how about a little something

for the effort. It’s not easy

raising the dead with a simple beer

and the lonesome chant of a lousy drunk.

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