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Fresh Meat Fridays #2

Yes, I realize it is now Saturday...sorry (not sorry).

The Atomic Cow Deposition

The old man was crazy to be sure.

A respected doctor in his day,

he had become addicted to painkillers

and booze

and had lost his practice and his wife

back in ’74.

Since then, he mostly moved from state to state

writing himself prescriptions

and holing up in cheap motels.

He had saved old newspapers and at night

he would tie one on and reread

the horrible news about Kennedy’s

bloody trip to Dallas

or Truman’s bold bomb-drop

on all those sneaky, efficient Japanese.

So it was no surprise to those who knew him

when his diagnosis of stomach cancer

finally sent him over the edge.

He found an attorney in an old building

downtown, just above his favorite Chinese restaurant

and he showed him a clipping from ‘57

that proved beyond a reasonable doubt