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Poem a Day December #15

Again with the prompt poem? Yes, again. This one was from a Twitter prompt (or series/week of prompts, actually) by @whimysticalgirl. What’s that got to do with Billy Collins? Nothing. Sometimes (always) you gotta go to where the muses are if you’re looking to create. Today, they were on Twitter.

Here are the prompts, followed by the ordered chaos my mind conceived with them. Kudos and a free Kindle & audiobook version of Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon if you are the first to correctly guess which two prompts were my least favorite. Hint: they are (imho) the weakest two in this poem.

11.19 Last train home

11.20 Sundown on easy street

11.21 Book Traveller

11.22 Black Lace Kisses

11.22 Reckless Sighs

11.23 Tasty Smiles

11.24 Sun Petals

11.25 Moon Gems

11.26 Toasty Eyes

Sundown on Easy Street

The gypsy woman

with her toasty eyes

and tasty smiles

opened her suitcase

and began selling

sun petals and moon gems

to the unsuspecting tourists

down at the docks,

her only competition

the brown-suited book traveller

who never missed a mark,

selling worthless paperbacks

and tattered hardcovers

for top dollar. They were

quite a couple, she offering him

black lace kisses, he rubbing

her thighs beneath her skirt,

her reckless sighs their only tell

as they rode the last train home

sipping wine and reminiscing

about sundown on Easy Street.

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