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BOSP Writing that Sizzles Competition Winner!

We’re pleased to announce the winner of our inaugural BOSP Writing that Sizzles Competition, Charlotte Elliott.

Her poem, “The Value of a Woman” was heartfelt and true. Charlotte took the initial line of the second stanza of our first prompt and used it to end her poem, brilliantly. Thoughts? Please share your comments below and help us in congratulating Charlotte on her strong effort.

Charlotte, your $100 Grand Prize is on its way. Cheers, everybody and keep on carving up those pages!

The Value of a Woman

She leaves his room crying.

I watch. Silently.

My son runs out but I stand firm.

A shake of my head.

One. Two. Three.

He is quiet as I wait. Guilty.

Tears in his eyes refuse to escape—toxic pride.

What did you do?

A babble of words that mean nothing to me, but everything to her.




I feel no anger, just disappointment.

He looks up for guidance but I am silent. I just stare.

I need her back.

I say nothing. Do nothing. Just watch.

I need her back.

You do not deserve her. You do not respect her. You do not love her.