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Book 3 is Ready!

Book 3 in the #BarPoems series, Last Call, is ready to make its debut. I just need 30-50 loyal friends and family to join my street team before I launch it later this year. Will you be one?

All Street Team members get a signed, numbered copy of my book and a wristband identifying you as a VIP. This entitles you to free drinks at my launch events and preferred seating. All I ask in return is that you buy the Kindle version @ and leave a short review online sometime within the first week of its launch. Sound good?

If so, please sign up by sending me an email to, with “I’m in!” as the subject line.

Also, let me thank the Young Dubliners for allowing me use of “Banshee” in this video. You boys rock the most! Finally, I’d like to thank all of you—my friends since grade school, high school, college and beyond—for your support of my funny little writing habit. I’d be just another lost soul walking the sidewalks of life and talking to myself without you. Cheers!


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